Gwynedd Poultry Club Sponsors...

Gwynedd Poultry Club would like to thanks the following for their continued sponsorship:

Wire Fence.
We supply chicken wire netting products. Here's a discount code we've created for you: Gwynedd10 - it can be used at the checkout and will take 10% off your order.

Thanks to Slaters of Colwyn Bay and Llanwnda.

C C F Gaerwen.
Agricultural Merchant in Gaerwen.
Gaerwen Uchaf Farm
LL60 6DN
T: 01248 421 154

Caernarfon Ale Trail
Caernarfon Ale Trail have kindly donated 2 tickets for their event on April 13th 2019.

Clwc Clwc.

POL Hybrid Pullets.
Warrens, Rhode Rocks, Leghorns, Bluebells, Light Sussex, Speckeldies and blue egg layers.
All birds vaccinated, good clean health stock.
Contact: 07769152243


Curfew Incubators.
Gwynedd Poultry Club are pleased to announce that Curfew Incubator have donated money
to the club funds so if you looking for an incubator please support them.

Fancy Fowl.
The home of the original magazine for the poultry fancier, a full colour glossy monthly publication covering poultry, waterfowl and turkeys. Dedicated to the art of breeding the best fowl possible, the most noble, bright eyed, firm winged and fantastically feathered examples of the chicken or duck or turkey. These represent the poultry pinnacle if these birds knew anything about genetics, or even anything about style and looking good they would know that they are at the top of a huge pyramid of their brethren.

Mr A and Mr D Green.
Large White Silkie, bred since 1974.
Bantam White Pekin, Welsummer Bantam, Bantam White Bearded, Bantam Silkie, Black German Langsham.
All bred from show winning lines.
National Show, Scottish National, Federation show in Stafford.
I'm also a panel a judge in the UK and a Breed Club Judge for the breed that I keep.
If you are interested in any of these breeds contact me at

Graham R. Hicks, Fur & Feather Exhibition Penning.
Brook House Farm, Selattyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7HU.
Tel 01691 655635.
Penning on staging available for all species of poultry.
Front opening pens for turkeys and geese, 36" pens for asian stags and single middle opening door bantam trio pens - all on staging.
Floor plans included in quote, we gauge the penning and layout to suit the premises.
Designed with attention to detail, tables and chairs also available, prices on request.
We travel anywhere - no show too small or too large.

Ifor's Food, a family food business, Felinheli.

Jade Village.

Caren Jones.

Kevin Jones, KWJ Technology - Computers, CCTV, WI-FI, Websites.

Roberts and Owen.
We are pleased to announce that Roberts and Owen a long established, independent, family owned and run funeral directors, based at Pen-y-groes in the Nantlle Valley are willing to donate to the club. There is also a branch located at Caernarfon to serve the extended area the company now serves.

Sian E Jones.
Gold Dutch.
Blue and White Australorps.
Crested Cream Legbar.
Copper Marans.
Telephone 07792017512

Thanks to Tegfan, Llanrug chip shop for sponsoring us.

Thanks to Marriage's for a donation for the March 2019 show.

We are pleased to announce that Morgan Evans and Co Ltd are willing to donate to the club.

Idris Morris - Pet Supplies and Country Store, Agricultural Merchants and Pet Suplies, Gwynedd, North Wales, UK.

Mr M Shoker,
Manager at Kwiksave Bangor,
Costcutter Deiniolen,
and Beran Filling Station has donated and kindly funded the next Gwynedd Poultry Club Show.